Why we will see more white-male generated violence in the USA post Las Vegas 2017.

Christopher Neitzert
2 min readOct 7, 2017

I can without a doubt tell you that we will see more of this sort of gun related violence and mass murder we have been seeing of late and not for the obvious reasons.

Over the past 30 years human culture has undergone an emergent change from the top down hierarchical and authoritative model towards the networked and open participatory model.

In the old top down hierarchical and authoritative model, authority was granted by state, god, or by the amount of money you had, and even your gender and skin color.

In the new emergent open participatory model of society, authority is distributed and comes from participation in the society regardless of creed, gender, or skin color. Those who take to working with the old model in the new are pushed to the fringes by the new model and disenfranchised by society.

Currently “internet natives” are members of this emergent and networked society and those who are not, are most likely members of the old authoritarian society. For the first time in recent history, the younger generation greatly outnumbers the older generation, and this will continue to be so.

What we have going on is, a clash between those who operate within the old model attempting to function in the new model. What I mean by this is, those who had authority imbued upon them for their gender, age, skin color, etc are finding their voice no longer carries any authority in the new ways of working in culture and they increasingly take to the one tool they know as it was the one tool in the toolbox of the old model; violence as they attempt to maintain some semblance of relevance in the world.

This clash between new and old models begins with folks ranting and raving from the bully pulpit about their supposed authority on subjects they really know very little about and ends with old white men shooting up innocents.

…and this is why it is always old white men who claim to be experts and authority, and also are the only ones ranting and raving about “don't take my guns”.

Sadly, we are going to see a whole lot more violence from these throwbacks as the emergent completely displaces the antique and authoritarian.



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